Err Rumsfeld

Since this cannot possibly get enough ink, allow me to repeat what this moron actually printed in a signed column in Sunday’s Washington Post:

Leaving Iraq now “would be the modern equivalent of handing postwar Germany back to the Nazis.”

This from a living American leader who once canceled a trip to Germany out of fear of arrest following the 2005 release of the Abu Ghraib photos. As the Center for Constitutional Rights has it:

German law allows German courts to prosecute for killing, torture, cruel and inhumane treatment, forcible transfers and sexual coercion such as occurred at Abu Ghraib.

Rumsfeld’s implication that leaving Iraq would LEAD to Holocaust-like conditions is even more wickedly ironic in light of this March 20 Knight Ridder headline:

Iraqi Troops Say U.S. Executed 11, Including Baby

Daily War News covers the above accusation in depth, including a scan and translation of the official Iraqi documents condemning the U.S. troops involved.

Rumsfeld’s statement is more than just a little delusional, considering his Pentagon is pawning off their superfluous small arms to the like of Taiwan. This list of bloggers calling for Rumsfeld’s indictment or worse, continues growing.Or is he just playing the fall guy — finally to take one for the team, as The Guardian UK suggests (h/t Bubblejam). Three more reasons Rummy is just dead wrong are here. The asshole stamps his signature on letters of condolence to relatives still left wondering why.

President Bush, for his part continues pontificating in a way that presents freedom as an us-vs-them scenario that appears to exist nowhere outside of his big head. (Read Russ’ radicalized version of the speech). When will the media stop playing make-believe with him? Mr. President… your nose is growing

UPDATE: Sen. Feinstein is onboard for the Rummy upheaval.

cartoon by Tom Englehart, 3/16/06
cartoon by Bob Englehart for the Hartford Courant, March 15, 2006

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  2. Bush & his Pals only need oil. That’s why they are in Iraq.

    Also want to go to Iran to get the same.

    They don’t care where the hell USA & it’s army goes into.

    It’s time for USA to wake up & not to wait more to bear Bush’s lies.

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