Dennis Hastert: All Blogged Down

Somebody cue Hastert’s homies from Rockford, Illinois — Cheap Trick

brian ross and dennis hastert


What Denny worry? As long as he’s got poor Rep. William Jefferson’s back in freezergate, perhaps people will forget about Brian Ross’ revelations this week of the Speaker’s own shady involvement in the Abramoff scandal (despite harsh denial, ABC continues to stand behind Ross’ reporting).

In a post summarizing press coverage of the issue, Mark Kleiman writes:

Not only are the AG, the Deputy AG, and the FBI Director prepared to resign in protest if Bush orders them to return the materials seized in the Jefferson raid.

But Dennis is unfazed. In a blog post written Friday, titled There’s a Right Way, Speaker Hastert writes:

The issue that has concerned me, as Speaker, since Saturday night is not if the FBI should be able to search a member of Congress’ office, but rather how to do it within the boundaries of the Constitution.

As is typical of the “right” way, Hastert acts appalled that Jefferson was busted. He should be “vigorously prosecuted,” blogs the Speaker, but what he is really posting about is his newfound mission to ensure that Congressional property never again is searched without a proper warrant, aka saving his own ass.

Keep knocking on wood, Denny, or just go ahead, and “surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away…ay…ay….ay!” (w/ thanks to Rick Nielsen, Cheap Trick) and You, tube!

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