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Fourth of July ’07

An action-packed 4th kicked off with San Francisco Mime Troupe’s hilariously frustrating — and at times insulting and painful for any viewer — Making a Killing. The 90 minute, multi-act satire was a winning, only-in-SF type of show — the troupe (they weren’t silent mimes) backed by a very capable band.

The fun continued at a combination of parties / barbecues in Mission Dolores Park, followed by the live footage of Miguel on the Slip n Slide (see video below) and concluding with views of the fireworks from the Twin Peaks view point (again, see video).

More great slip n slide photos here.

Why I Migrated Yahoo! Photos Despite the fact that I had none one

Don’t fall asleep on Yahoo!’s shoutout to save your photos before Y! photos disappears. They encourage you to migrate the photos to one of a number of popular photo-sharing sites, not just Yahoo-owned Flickr, however — by signing in to photos.yahoo.com and agreeing to migrate my Y! Photos account to Flickr, I received a 3 month extension to Flickr Pro.


(OK, so I guess I did have one photo in there — from maybe 10 years ago in Costa Rica).