Twitter Updates for 2008-03-21

  • Listening to long-awaited upcoming record. Surely the only one with the song about Aloyisius. Perfect for this slow-roll down Sunset. #
  • OH: Woooaah, that Bon Iver guy smells reeaally bad…. Or is it YOU? #
  • dreamt that I bought an iPhone. it was weird, bulkier than usual, and I immediately regretted not waiting for the 3G-capable as I will in RL #
  • 3-21 happy birthday @fasonista. thank Good its Friday. #
  • Added @twitgeistr yesterday and it’s very intrsting top 10 words on Twitter each hour. anyone know how long this has been active? #
  • @xina no way! there’s a Latke-Hamantash debate? Reminds me of McCain comparing Purim to Halloween yesterday. w/ Lieberman at his side noless #
  • @chrisbrogan no invite / quick&easy way to become a Buzz publisher, at this point, methinks. Guy was just lucky. #
  • At coral tree cafe brentwood for an evening of power productivity. Hopefully ready for friday funnery later #
  • @ericainSF i got lucky with a seat in the sun too — but I AM working… SF wins big on good:bad cafe ratio. must shoot out the music here. #

State Dept. Bust in Obama Passport Breach

Bust in Obama Swiftboating, originally uploaded by revolute.

2 fired at State Dept. for breaching Obama’s passport files.

Were these McCain’s or Clinton’s people?

And who blew the whistle?

How stinky is this story and the State Dept’s lame explanation?

More here. Timeline of events here.

UPDATE: 12:35AM 3/21 — Richardson Endorses Obama. Here’s Richardson’s endorsement letter.

SXSW Music Highlights Pt. II

Still absorbing the excellent music I heard in Austin last week, some of it expected — if not long-awaited, but much of it newly discovered. Here are some cuts from some of my surprisingly awesome discoveries (new to me, at least) at SXSW.

The Ruby Suns – Tane Mahuta
Spindrift – Beauty
album coverThe Builders and the Butchers – Black Dresses

Clicking on the band name and/or album cover will lead you to an opportunity to purchase the tracks/album.

See my other SXSW posts here and here.

Is a Lame Data-Mining Op? Or is it Just Annoying?

go away pingfmSomeone seriously has to cut the noise around here. I signed up for the Beta because, well, I love signing up for betas for no particular reason.

Right off the bat I knew this service was totally pointless. Why would I want to post the same message to 5 or 6 different social networks at the same time? So my friends that are also on one, two or six of the same networks hear me like a broken record? I knew it was dumb, but thinking that — just maybe — someday it could be useful, I signed up, with no intention to actually use it (I’ve done similar thing with Digg, Yelp, GrandCentral and more — signing up early and not really using until I trusted the service. is a scam is a scam

It hasn’t been an hour, though, and I am trying to close my account, but there is no apparent way to opt-out once you sign up (though I did change my account e-mail to no@than.ks). Unfortunately, it’s already too late — they immediately spammed my Pownce and Twitter account with the messages above. THEN, I read their Terms of Service (I know, I shoulda known better) and realized that this was the operation of two kids who likely were more interested in purging people’s data from multiple social websites than actually providing a useful service.

Don’t get me wrong: I have no problem with throwing myself out on the Internet in all transparency and am fully aware of the risks therein. But I hate to see myself and my friends get not only spammed (by each other) but also punked by signing up for a seemingly legitimate service (see Mashable‘s review today). Before we get into the small print, let’s just look at the “company” behind

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