Who Will be the New Host of Mahalo Daily?

mahalo vlog idolMere hours after I interviewed Veronica Belmont last month, news broke that she was leaving the daily video podcast she helped launch — Mahalo Daily.

Soon enough, Jason Calacanis, founder of Weblogs, Inc. and CEO of the human-powered search engine Mahalo, announced an American Idol-esque contest to find the next host of the Mahalo Daily vlog.

As dozens of potential hosts lined up to audition in side Mahalo HQ in Santa Monica, we grilled Calacanis (and his bulldogs) to find out exactly what kind of host was desired and how she might be found.

We interviewed three of the top Mahalo Vlog Idol contestants (Sarah @w00d, Bonny Pierzina, and Lisa Brewster) shortly before they took their big turn in front of the judges (and “webebrities” in their own right) Calacanis, Loren Feldman, and Alex Albrecht:

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  • My bad, @sarahatwood and dozen others also return tmrw. Will @jasoncalacanis @1938media @alexalbrecht be unseated by the real paula abdul? #
  • At the Galaxy match. There were star spangled fireworks. Shehechiyanu, call me Eliyahu. Leave the door open, k? #
  • @schwagon @rhetor pleasure. Sorry for rushing, furthur tweaks to come #
  • @marshallk just pimped twitter hardcore on BBC World tnday. It was boss… #
  • But the british accented breakdown of twit-ter-ing and tweets was a reminder that this Internet thing aint but a silly fad. BBC #
  • @astral you’re welcome to my patio anytime! i’ll be here working until 4. #
  • an LAPD helicopter made an emergency landing on San Vicente at Melrose around 11 this morning. anyone have pics? (no injuries, etc, bytheway #


  • Margareetin on Olvera w @squashblossom @tincanorange @tomdog @busblog @greenberg, other freekers #
  • @chacha mysteriously concludes that @busblog is in mid30s despite claiming to be both 99 and 109. Amazing if not accurate #
  • behind the scenes at Mahalo Idol. Lots of lovely ladies trying out… what’s the cube root of 216? Exactly that many. #
  • the general vibe from my inattentive corner is that @adora killed it (!!!) and both @bonny and @sarahatwood are too good for the mahalo-ites #
  • @keltraine – was at mahalo HQ — http://netzoo.blip.tv/ — but now headed to observe what they call football in most countries. #

Facebook: By Adding This App, You Agree to Be Used in an Ad

facebook app beaconThis kind of caught me by surprise — I’ve never seen it — even in the small print of a Facebook App — where adding an application to your profile equivocates signing away your likeness to said app for use in an add on your friends’ profiles. Here’s my friend Patrick Neeman of Speaktech being totally USED and I wonder if he even knows it?

Is this unique to the “Friends for Sale” App being advertised here or is this a standard policy allowed by developers who build Facebook Apps? Seems a little much to me… What do you think?