• How sweet it is to be a Cubs fan. (Apologies to @jaybushman, @garyvee and the rest of u know who u are). 08! #
  • [utterz] http://tinyurl.com/5hqadp New fathers office w00t!: Omgeeyeah #
  • Has seven grand gone frufru drink? That and the odds that it wont be ~70 and sunny tmrw on the n00z at 11 #
  • Twitter mobile is the new yesterdays news delivered tmrw. 🙁 #
  • wishing the best for the @schwaggin wagon — breaking the Erf Day travel embargo for a good cause! Catch up w/ ya tomorrow nite in SF! #

Introducing The Schwaggin’ Wagon


Last week, Michael Liskin came up with a very bright, win-win-win-win idea that would help him get to SF, help sponsors pimp their wares, help conference-goers shed the extra free crap they attain, AND benefit underprivileged kids with tangible and wearable goods in the process.

It’s called The Schwaggin’ Wagon. I immediately jumped on board when Michael told me about last weekend and quickly set up a snazzy WordPress blog. I’ll also be hanging out and helping Weds night thru Saturday in San Francisco where I’m attending the Web 2.0 Expo for work. Michael, David Preciado, and Kyra Reed all took off this afternoon in the Wagon and Marjorie Kase is already ironing out logistics in SF. Awesome!

Everybody follow the Schwaggin’ Wagon!


  • @marcohansell see @mikeprasad re: Roosevelt tonight. I’ll be there around 9ish. #web2expo is this week in sf: http://www.web2expo.com/ #
  • Missed yall at the Roose tonite. Will see ya up north Weds evening! #
  • OMG I think I just joined LisaNation – will @adora be the next @mahalodaily host? I’d sure be watching fwiw @jasoncalacanis http://is.gd/7KU #
  • rockin out to Battles on the Coachella mediaplayer. Geez, it’s not THAT bad, @sloane ;-P http://coachella.com/media #
  • good Q @jacobsoboroff I was at a previous incarnation of Netsquared a year ago. other option: drinking liberally @ Nocturnal Bar in SaMo #