Twitter Updates for the week ending 2008-11-24

  • considering “Don’t Stop Believin'” is the most popular iTunes track EVER @mspiegelman may have the right idea. Go Y! Music #
  • @LiveEarth India is ON like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Now to celebrate @techzulu’s birthday at the roos in reply to LiveEarth #
  • Gmail is lookin Pantone 7451C periwinkle and chat doesn’t work. I’m playing with, rockin Tristeza and “blastin’ thru it” as we say #
  • @mvermut that’s easy — take a free ride on the ad free Live365 and tune into WOOZradio: in reply to mvermut #
  • @mvermut oops – didn’t realize that went straight to a paywall. here’s the free option: in reply to mvermut #
  • @alanataylor and others — here’s the link to revert back to “older” version of Gmail UI – in reply to alanataylor #
  • logged into MSN messenger 1st time ever for the one colleague on MSN. all i get is spam despite having no info besides age-old hotmail addy #
  • At mindshare. 3d printer preso. Total urban legend imho. Idealab even. anyone? Will believe it only when I feel it #
  • Oil under $50/barrel. Remember when they said $200 by ’09? Cuz we know so much. We really think we know so what #
  • @bwank settings->themes->classic should fix yer Gmail fail. in reply to bwank #
  • RT @creativecommons: CC founder Lawrence Lessig will be on the Charlie Rose show tonight: + #
  • someone is rocking an 80’s mix outside my office and, well, the inevitable just happened. Guess he really never gonna desert me. #
  • checkin @blovi8 per @josholaila reco. what is the point? what’s wrong with craigslist? I do like the Shepard Fairey wallpaper though. #
  • what are YOUR favorite tools and strategies for tracking / analyzing the spread of specific chatter on the web, boards, 2.0hs, blogs? #
  • Hillary SoS news gave me a chill. hard to trust her neocon tendencies + jaded fingers-on-chalkboard rallying voice. Prefer her to Kerry tho #

Barack Obama: A New Chapter on Climate Change?

Let’s hope so. I haven’t been blogging much lately as I’m incredibly busy in my relatively new gig as Interactive Director at Live Earth. Live Earth India is less than three weeks away. Needless to say, it’s great to hear some of the sentiment coming out of the Governors’ Global Climate Summit today in Beverly Hills. As symbolic as it may seem, the key is to keep pumping the message and the desire to aggressively curtail the climate crisis.

Live video from the summit here, archived video here.

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-14

  • @briansolis wrote a *must-read* post on @al_gore’s Web 2.0 keynote: Al Gore & the Social Revolution of Change (w/ pix) #
  • @tanjab – that’s literally a sweeping if not racist and likely 100% inaccurate headline #
  • @michaelpilla 100% may be the result of an exit poll sample but is anything ever really 100%? Other #’s seem high too. what’re the REAL #’s? #
  • @michaelpilla but this poll is not professional, it’s from LMU students trying out the “Racially Stratified Homogeneous Precinct Approach” #
  • affligem noel at blue palms tweet-up with @darkknight247 @bushmanbill, others, talkin emo design, tasty beer #
  • @michaelpilla @tanjab my disbelief stems not from the whatever++ percent in LA voted Obama, but that more than half of those voted Yes on 8. #
  • @ev now you’re playing with power ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • @AndrewWarner say it ain’t so. what? and BitTorrent is the next Friendster? Buddy Chat ya later, holmes… #
  • @NicoleJordan enjoy BKK and environs w/ @jackiepeters @gregarious and co. go straight to beach. Oh, and say hi to my roommate Greg ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • Palin will run in 2012 if its “God’s will.” Clearly there is no god in politics, and thats breaking, Wolf ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • cmon @barackobama, auto industry shouldn’t get a dime until it really steps up w/ better, greener, dareisay cooler cars. payoffstudentloans #
  • Why Re-Tweet when you can ParaTweet (PT)? It’s just as deserving of attribution #
  • Citi is sending me an AA companion ticket after I called requesting to close account after collecting miles #travelhacks #
  • I just donated to IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against War) in honor of veterans and active soldiers at war. Felt good. Here’s why #
  • way cooler than the GMail vid chat is the ability to translate RSS feeds on the fly in Google Reader. #
  • yay. John Roderick (The Long Winters) will be joining @jonathancoulton and @hodgman at Echoplex tomorrow night! #
  • I’m such a sucker for @garyvee’s free shipping deals. + my original wristband is all worn out. Happy bday week @garyvee. Bring the thunder! #
  • @Carolineoncrack re: “blogger parties” it’s the NEW new marketing for a broke-ass economy. but bloggers don’t HAVE to give good reviews ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • RT @LAist: County of Los Angeles Joins SF and Santa Clara Counties in Lawsuit Against Prop 8: #
  • @baratunde @TheOnion LOLZ I’d love to know how many people buy it. Can’t believe how much The NYTimes, Tribune are charging for old papers. #
  • Why are so many .edu domains NOT no-www compliant? I’m looking at YOU:,, Anyone know? seems a bit silly. #
  • missed opportunity: great american steak & fry co. really shoulda sponsored this great american shakeout earthquake drill #
  • in honor of the Great Shakeout, here’s The Bird and the Bee, “Preparedness” chillout, y’all. #
  • how would one download podcasts over the air to Blackberry Bold? Love that feature on the N95 #
  • Cubs finally put 1998 behind them, say goodbye to Kerry Wood. Maybe next year really is *the* year. Now gimme Lowe/Peavy #
  • @artindeepkoma Gregg will be a fine setup man for Carlos Marmol #
  • thinking about pre- @hodgman recital grub at Masa. Hoping for the extremely experimental, i.e.: #
  • 100+ No on 8 protesters outside El Coyote. Traffic slow for 1 block on Beverly. Peaceful, jubilant, no visible 5-0 #
  • finally had a reason to use DownThemAll plugin today. It’s come along way… great for passing assets through the cloud when FTP is no go. #
  • everytime I see people reference QoS I can’t help but think of @queenofspain. Seems a lot of people want to see you tomorrow, QoS. #
  • totally distracted from work by photos of Montecito Tea Fire. 70 + homes destroyed?!? Had to post it up for @LAist: #
  • laist #
  • LOLZ. thanks twitter for making the “delete” feature temporarily unavailable. Sorry for that last one – was intended for search box replizes #
  • – @MissMotorMouth yes, I went there, and sadly no — can not destroy. watch your libel, tweeps… no delete! #
  • The AP keeps conflating Montecito with celebrities. Typical SoCal linkbaiting. Only “celeb” I know of out there is @dsearls. Hope yr hou … #
  • @tanjab not saying there arent celebs with property in #
  • montecito, but i’m celebrity-stupid ๐Ÿ˜‰ #

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