William H. Rehnquist R.I.P.

George W. Bush, though he may just wish he could snap his fingers and go away following the miasmic mishandling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, is now in position to name another Supreme Court Justice.

William H. Rehnquist is credited for leaning the Court to the more Conservative, so what direction will it take from here?

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Wash Post: Storm exposed Disarray at the Top

By now we all have read how FEMA had planned for years on the imminent disaster that has set upon New Orleans. Congress had undercut the Army Corps of Engineers’ cash demands for maintaining the levees, while Bush set his budgetary allowances even lower.

Apparently, only Bush and his FEMA boy didn’t see this coming.

Frank Rich: Fallujah Floods the Superdome

If I just ignored everything in the world and only read the Sunday Times, it would REALLY seem like we’re in the midst of the highest rating and most terrifying reality show. Hopefully this does not signify the end to all reality!

Frank Rich in the Sunday NY Times, in reference to his speech Tuesday, in which he promised “victory” in Iraq no more than nine times, as New Orleans had already been flooded:

It was along this same San Diego coastline that he declared “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln more than two years ago. For this return engagement, The Washington Post reported, the president’s stage managers made sure he was positioned so that another hulking aircraft carrier nearby would stay off-camera, lest anyone be reminded of that premature end of “major combat operations.”