Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad GOOG?

Hard to disagree with Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who publicly takes the Yahoo-Ebay partnership in stride. “Its good for everybody on the Internet,” he said, according to eWeek.

Google’s stock still sits pretty, with a 1999-style inflated valuation but with a solid and admirably successful business plan.

The eBay/Yahoo “strategic partnership” is indeed a glowing green light for the internet boom survivors, and it means alot more than say, Google recent investment in 5% of AOL (TWX). eBay needs help with advertising to keep their listing prices from rising (as they have been) and Yahoo! gets to co-brand Skype and Paypal. Add that to Yahoo!’s stable of sky’s-the-limit goodies such as del.icio.us, Flickr, and upcoming, to mention a few outright purchases.

Both companies will reap the benefits of added page views (Yahoo is already #1 and eBay #9, according to Alexa). As the big papers are saying — its a sign of fear or its look out Ma Goog. (see also, Barry’s post @ Content Matters).

Rafat @ Paid Content sums it up from the market analysts perspective. Search Engine Lowdown sums up the tech value. Battelle calls it “Yahoo’s first major syndication win in years.”

kill your television

40 percent of U.S. consumers would rather give up TV than the Internet, according to a new study of Internet and new media usage by Arbitron and Edison Media Research.

Spring may be here, but according to Jeff Jarvis: “The Book is Dead.” Warren Buffet says newspapers are perpetually dying.

Hard to agree with Buffet there, but he tends to always be right in the end. Who needs TV anyway, with so many stations worldwide available on the internet. Check them out via Beeline TV or MediaHopper.

via SeattlePI‘s grab from PaidContent.

See also: .

Wherever Hugo — There You Are

OK, here’s a good one via the Western Hemisphere Policy Watch blog:

Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Tom Shannon… alludes to ties that the Little Man from Caracas has to terror states Cuba and Iran. This latest row or war of words with the Little Man from Caracas brings no new items to the table. Read the article.

there is even a rubicon involved in the potential quagmire:

We crossed the cooperation rubicon with Venezuela and Cuba years ago. We would be less “worried,” a term used by Shannon with the Times, and more focused on doing something to rid the hemisphere of these two political anachronisms before their meddling with terror groups and states leads to another attack on the U.S. or U.S. interests in the Americas.

Considering the president’s lame defense of domestic wiretapping yesterday — “What I have told the American people is, we’ll protect them against an al Qaeda attack, and we’ll do so within the law” — you can expect to hear allegations that Chavez has Qaeda ties or, in other words, sides with the shadowy force of “Evil.”

Matthew Yglesias has opened a conversation on the matter at TPMCafe.

Bear Eats Monkey

Visitors to the Beekse Bergen Safari Park outside of Amsterdam may or may not have been hallucinating this weekend, but dozens were around to witness a Barbary macaque monkey being slaughtered and devoured by Sloth bears.

Here’s a .pdf photoessay of of the incident (in Dutch).

The b-sphere is humming with nearly 1000 posts on the “bear eats monkey” tip, including several posts shouting out to the excessively bear-fearing (sign petition) Stephen Colbert (threat-down vids). Stick around for any late-breaking monkey-munching news…