Bush Announces new Same Old Strategy

In a 20-minute speech (see transcript) that was even worse than I imagined, Bush repeatedly lied, minced words, and sounded — in substance — as if he must have been hallucinating.

Basically, the president said that NOW, what didn’t work BEFORE WILL work, because “in the past we attacked and killed insurgents and then we’d move on and they would return.”

Probably the dumbest thing he said, though, was “the terrorists and insurgents are without conscience.” Is he saying that every non-Christian is a terrorist?

Of course, he proceeded to “encourage” Congress’ input, citing “good Congressmen” like Joe Lieberman — there was a series of statements that should have ended “and then laugh in your face,” i.e. “We will listen to your suggestions…..

Most disconnected was Bush’s continued oblivion to the fact that, the mere basics — regular electricity, etc, is still out of whack throughout Iraq.

Other notable lies, poor use of language, and hallucinatory allusions:

— An early mention of 9/11
— Numerous butcherings of “freedom” (in Iraq, to some extent “freedom” would imply freedom from American occupation).
— The misuse of the term “strategy”
— Somethign about Al Qaeda wanting to take over Anbar province
— stating that most Sunnis and Shiites just want to live together in “freedom.”
— one use of the word “nucular” — in reference to keeping Iran from going that way.

He keeps saying this is important to secure our liberty and freedom as Americans and, man, I just can’t even try to understand how anyone can be getting that. I feel damn free, and as long as we’ve still got some liberty let’s feel free to get out of the mess we made swiftly. The pure idiocy of nearly everything Bush said is just downright insulting. My thoughts go out to the troops and their families. This is bullshit.

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