Burn Dem Flags

flag-burningA “symbolic” vote to ban flag-burning nearly passed through Senate today, falling one vote short after being approved in the House.

But the “excruciatingly close” vote appears to be symbolic of nothing more than Congress’ preference for debating insultingly unimportant issues whether or not they impinge on civil rights and contradict the Constitution that essentially enabled their rise to office.

In more relevant use of taxpayers’ dollars on The Hill today, a bipartisan group led by Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) denounced Bush’s series of “signing statements” as a grave threat to our Constitution. Among the more appalling Bush add-ons was to the recently passed anti-torture bill, to which he signed with the added condition that the new torture ban did not apply to the president. If it were up to Specter, he’d have Congress file suit against King George.

Frist instisted that this bill was necessary as a “small humble act for us to defend it,” as countless men and women have died defending the flag. Y’know, it would be a small but humble act for you, Doc, or perhaps even el presidente to honor our troops with even one measly visit to a fallen soldier’s funeral. Feeling Grieving for slain Russians without even a comment on the brutal death of Privates Menchaca and Tucker near Youssifiya?

kristian menchaca coffin

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