AFA is OWND (by force of blogosphere)!

Congrats to John Aravosis at Americablog for spearheading perhaps the most effective campaign for action in the history of the blogosphere.

Over the past two weeks, the devilish American Family Association has produced multiple media reports stating that it had met with Ford behindn closed doors and convinced the corporation to pull support and advertising from the gay-related events and publications.

In response, Aravosis began posting contact information of Ford execs on Americablog, and wrote several spirited posts encouraging action. More recently this outrage spread to the Daily Show (video), Dan Savage’s nationally syndicated column and beyond.

This afternoon, Aravosis, who had already solidified his position as a patriotic hero of the blogosphere with his Katrina coverage, over the course of this campaign on his site serve as an excellent how-to resource for implementing effective activist operations through the blogosphere. Henry Ford had a history of bigotry – and the AFA’s media flood recently should have red-flagged the MSM – but thanks to the viral spirit of the ford tough blogosphere, this potential insult to humanity (as nearly everything that AFA proposes is) has been quashed and rectified — and quickly.

Congrats – to all bloggers and activists involved – we can directly affect and influence corporate bullying via the simple means of the blogosphere alone.. Read John’s post including a letter from Ford.

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