Twitter Updates for the week ending 2008-12-28

  • Need a reason to believe in pandora? Try the Sharon Jones & the dap kings channel. Furrealz. Sat nite out. #
  • @brooksbayne lol because its true. But really, so NOT funny. Resolution v. Revolution. Guthrie sang…This land is my land. in reply to brooksbayne #
  • @hawaiirealty yes Paso Robles. Perfect if not a lil chilly. but i like to pretend its winter sometimes in reply to HawaiiRealty #

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Twitter Updates for the week ending 2008-12-21

  • – Club nokia tip: VIP seats are public, excl. Access to front rows of balcony + lounge, buy at TM #
  • – David johanssen and new york dolls STILL bring it @clubnokia #
  • a little late – but considering CES with @redwell. Anyone want to go in on a hotel room / suite for Jan 9-10 (maybe 8th too) in Las Vegas? #

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Viral Bush: The Shoe Incident Now an Embeddable Flash Game

Bush al Zaidi Shoe throwing incident viral video youtube

Dying to know how well these Contextual YouTube video ads do as far as CTR, etc. And HOW insulting that al-Zaidi’s shoes reveal an add for women’s shoes! And that’s not all, the infamous shoe incident — which already is on its way to becoming the viral-est of all online videos — is now immortalized as a Flash game:

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Three MF’in Cheers for The New Yorker Podcasts

new yorker podcastsAs a longtime New Yorker subscriber (that’s right, in print), you’d wonder why I’d bother with the podcasts as well. I can lay any questions to rest here. Each Monday (a few days before the issue lands in my mailbox) there is a lively, informed discussion with New Yorker Web editor Blake Eskin takes place in Out Loud that truly enriches the reading experience — a couple weeks back it was an actual sit-down beer tasting, this week was a personal interview with Zadie Smith, who contributed to the fiction issue.

But the killer, was aurally experiencing Hendrik Hertzberg’s column on Rod Blagojevich in which the narrator practically — blasphemically — acts out the following passage, which is never done justice in bleeps or even unadulterated print:

Blagojevich—who had remarked of the Senate seat, “I’ve got this thing and it’s fucking golden, and, uh, uh, I’m just not giving it up for fuckin’ nothing”—was not happy when told that no offers were forthcoming from anyone around “this motherfucker,” as he referred to the President-elect: “Fuck him. For nothing? Fuck him.”

No really, listen to it:

A third great podcast falls haphazardly — it was initially the Campaign Trail and is now titled The Transition. Along with my daily listens (Buzz Out Loud, Rachel Maddow, Slate, etc) these truly awesome podcasts bring serious entertainment and value to my commute. Subscribe in iTunes, Google Reader or your favorite podcatcher via the links at

It’s almost like I don’t miss those New York Times Op-Ed podcasts anymore. Am I the only one who still misses those?