Why Does the Government Lie to Us? – an open thread

We have seen from a distance how the broken promises the Government made to the people of Iraq has led to disaster at home and abroad. Now, we’ve seen a complete breakdown in democracy at our doorstep as the President has stared right into the camera and lied to the public and to the desperate and dying. “The Convention Center has been secured,” he said the other day, which apparently meant that FEMA had finally begun to assist those who were unknowingly (to them) trapped and dying there.

Welcome to those of you who have discovered this new blog. With your help, we can use this thread to digest recent events, lies and distortions, and how the media has acted to broadcast and proliferate these lies.

How can the powerful media and bureaucracy help to restore democracy to our vulnerable citizenry?

Frank Rich: Fallujah Floods the Superdome

If I just ignored everything in the world and only read the Sunday Times, it would REALLY seem like we’re in the midst of the highest rating and most terrifying reality show. Hopefully this does not signify the end to all reality!

Frank Rich in the Sunday NY Times, in reference to his speech Tuesday, in which he promised “victory” in Iraq no more than nine times, as New Orleans had already been flooded:

It was along this same San Diego coastline that he declared “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln more than two years ago. For this return engagement, The Washington Post reported, the president’s stage managers made sure he was positioned so that another hulking aircraft carrier nearby would stay off-camera, lest anyone be reminded of that premature end of “major combat operations.”