BuzzNet Gets Up to $25 Million + Stereogum

I began this post months ago and never posted it. Now it’s all but confirmed that BuzzNet FULLY owns Stereogum and on top of that Just received up to $25 million in funding. This according to Rafat Ali of paidcontent who is sitting right next to me at the Community Next conference.

We have confirmed through sources that Buzznet now fully owns Stereogum. Not sure how this plays into the new funding, but the financing may be used in making some other music and entertainment related content acquisitions and possibly rollups, our sources say.

UPDATE: Mashable is reporting that Buzznet has also acquired QLoud, the Steve Case-backed music network seen on Facebook and elsewhere.

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Twitter Updates for 2008-03-29

  • Pulled up next to a lamborghini countach that must be 20 years old. At least. Like back when Camaros were cool. #
  • can’t sleep. contemplating full switch to tumblr and/or new WordPress theme. + need to catch up on New Yorkers. + the birds and smells good. #
  • Theres something oddly unsettling about goin tn a conf in a nightclub in a mall in Hollywood at 10am. this aint Kansas, Toto 2.0 #
  • @communitynext backchannel anyone? if no, I opened irc:// #
  • oh goodie — WordPress 2.5 is here. hopefully with Akismet update 😉 #
  • Talkin qik and 3g w @scobleizer and @nrek me playin the fool. Intvw to folo on LAist #
  • me being a goofball on Scoble’s Qik cast. I want his N95-age: #
  • @marklise nice — now watch me get the bill of death from AT&T 😉 #
  • @ethank you mean those were virgin mimosas I saw earlier? it’s about time for a flask #
  • Buzznet raises as much as $25M — owns Stereogum entirely per Rafat @ paidcontent: — no comment yet from Buzznet #
  • @scobleizer blames @davewiner for getting him blogging, sending 3k people to his first post via linkage #
  • first @jasoncalacanis mention, 3 p.m. by @scobleizer and @mashable and of course it’s about him trying to kick everyone’s ass on twitter. #
  • wow. glad i’m waiting until after this to interview @mashable. Picking up lots of hilarious dirt here. Also, my@scobleizer int is live@Laist #
  • @davewiner i agree, qik story is key abt power of influentials who truly LOVE a product. good energy here. its not the coffee #

Caught Live on the Scobleizer Qik-Cast

At Hollywood and Highland, Outside Community Next conference, which is oddly being held in a nightclub, in a mall.

UPDATE: Check out my interview with Scoble, where I drill him on everything from the iinevitability of Microhoo to ideas on the next Twitter… HERE.

In the first video, I show off my Sierra Wireless 881U AirCard for AT&T that I just picked up. Hopefully bandwidth won’t be an issue when I use this, *ahem* but I’vebeen very impressed with it’s 1-2Mbps down and 1Mb up speeds on AT&T’s 3G network and it’s Mac compatibility. All I really want for Christmas is an N95 (or 96) but they don’t appear to be falling from the sky at H&H. Not yet at least.

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