You Can Hide, but You Can’t Run

Today Google responded to scrutiny regarding its privacy policies by decreasing the length of time that a user’s search records will be connected to their IP to 18 months (before it becomes “anonymous”). Privacy International’s study is neither surprising, nor especially revealing. But as difficult as it may be to define “privacy” in the open information age, the term “anonymous” may be even more cloudy, because it seems that on the Internet, everything leaves a fingerprint. 24 months, 18 months… I’m not buying it.

Speaking of fingerprinting, Google’s YouTube is partnering with Time-Warner and Disney to test video recognition software that essentially will automatically remove uploaded content that is detected as copyrighted, according to an “accurate enough and scalable enough” tool, said YouTube Partner Development Director Chris Maxcy.

Using Google to it’s fullest requires a definite privacy trade off, but one that is worth it. I expect to be identifiable. But if “anonymizing” data is to lead to greater privacy, I’d hate for it to come at the expense of personalization and as part of deal-making to satisfy only corporate partners.

the goings on

Life after grad school is busy. I continue working multiple gigs while seeking out the ultimate opportunity to pour my passion and focus into. Meanwhile, I’m in San Francisco — come visit. Discovered the Zeitgeist last night and it happened to be their once-a-month (june, july, august) film festival — added bonus + it was nice outside. I’m very happy that Live365 still exists and WOOZradio plays on. Playlist is recently updated, go rock yourself here.

I’m overwhelmed with observations and I’m letting them simmer while I read through a few books — namely The Wisdom of Crowds — loved it, The Four Hour Workweek — meh, Dreaming in Code — slow, but enjoyable — will Chandler 1.0 EVER be released?, and now I’m moving into Convergence Culture and The Black Swan. Sitting in an office makes me tired.

Below, I offer you the latest from Sam Beam / Iron & Wine. Further below, find me on a smorgasbord of social networking sites, where I’ve been more active and to the point lately. Continue reading “the goings on”

VC v. Entrepreneur Dodgeball: Labor Beats Capital

Last Friday we witnessed the hilarious and sweaty inaugural Labor vs. Capital Dodgeball Tournament in Santa Clara. Just the kind of back-breaking news you’d expect to come out of Silicon Valley. Fortunately, the entrepreneurs won, effectively socking enough stubborn venture capitalists with rubber balls to get back at even the most reticent of funders. August Capital’s David Hornik (of VentureCast fame) and Hunter Walk (YouTube/Google) organized the event and procured a half dozen plastic trophies for the winning team, unappetizingly named Backsweat. Everyone got bright orange t-shirts and Dodgeball DVDs as well as one stinky excuse to beat traffic and head home early.