LAFD: FireBlogging for the 21st Century

I may be relatively new to Los Angeles, but I was knee deep in rss feeds upon arrival – and soon after getting in rhythm with the Metroblogging LA feed, I became aware that Brian Humphrey, spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department, actively publishes the LAFD News & Information Blog.

I’m not aware of other FD blogs, though there is a “firehouse forum“, but the LAFD Blog puts an end to the “do blogs really matter?” question. The LAFD blog is not only chock full of public service safety reminders and police-report rescue911 style recaps of deadly highway wrecks… it is one of the finest and purest examples of the PURPOSE weblogs serve.

Blogs tell it like it is, and no exception here, as Mack @ LA Voice pointed to this week. LAFD has posted a video (to Social Distortion’s cover of “Ring of Fire”) that will have you running to test your smoke alarms and buy backup 9-volt batteries

You may not hear it on the radio, and the paper won’t come until morning… but after being motionless in your ride on the 405 — moreso than usual — you can find out ASAP (via rss feed to mobile, blackberry/treo, pda or surfing at home) that the fire department was responding to a man who was killed when a construction rig flipped over at LAX. Or something.

Also: LAFD on Flickr.

Gehry to Skyscrape L.A.

Chicago / Pritzker Pavillion / Click for more from giantgingkoThe madman cannot be stopped. He was last seen promoting his own line of jewelry at a bash at Tiffany’s on Rodeo drive, and now the L.A. Times reports that Pulitzer Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry “has designed two skyscrapers as cornerstones of a huge project intended to lure night life to the downtown area.” A second Times critic chimes in as well.

Gehry not only MADE Bilbao with his designs on the Guggenheim there, but also lent a hand to the rebirth of downtown Chicago with his work at Millennium Park appears set to make his mark on the (for now) $1.8 billion Grand Avenue Revitalization project(.pdf).

Priztker Pavillion Millennium Park Chicago - click for more photos by crouch
(And what a great excuse for some Chitown springtime photos)!

Carolyn at LAist posted photos and details from today’s press conference announcing the “city of dreams” (– Mayor V.).