Like, A Billion Americans or something

Haya el Nassar reports in USA Today:

Most Americans don’t have a clue how many people actually live in the USA or how many are expected to. Twenty-nine percent guessed the population at 200 million or less, and 19% put it at 1 billion or more. Twelve percent came within 50 million of guessing correctly.

GRAPHIC: which way is up?

(per John Brown)

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Eminem Does Fellini: ‘8 1/2 Mile’

OK, so it’s the weekend, but I want to see how the Yahoo! Video embed code works on a wordpress blog — and can’t think of a better way than with this killer mashup – Eminem soundtrack to Fellini’s “8 1/2.”



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Jay-Z’s next move: Buy the Cubs?

jay-z cubs fan hat tribuneNot an entirely hallucinatory thought, — as fun as it was fun to mash up the idea — but on Beyonce’s upcoming single, the Jigga (or is it Shawn Carter now) jumpstarts verse one of “Deja Vu” with this line:

“I used to run base like Juan Pierre”
Juan Pierre Cubs Champs
Since I first heard this track a week or so ago, Pierre has been on a tear (though the Cubs continue dropping ball games like Trib investors are dropping stock)…

OK, so, perhaps this is a completely ridiculous statement, but as a die-hard Cubs fan, any change is a good change as NOTHING has worked out for nearly 100 years! Why not give it up to the almighty Hova?