Down with Rummy

I’ll say it again, Rumsfeld must go!

Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld is a serious hindrance to American homeland security and the proliferation of freedom worldwide. In light of his anti-Semitic, anti-American remarks in the Sunday Washington Post comparing the “war” in Iraq to the war against the Third Reich, it is high time to overthrow the incompetent, hand-flailing imbecile.

Delusional Don wrote:

Turning our backs on postwar Iraq today would be the modern equivalent of handing postwar Germany back to the Nazis. It would be as great a disgrace as if we had asked the liberated nations of Eastern Europe to return to Soviet domination because it was too hard or too tough or we didn’t have the patience to work with them as they built free countries.

Media observers seem to have resigned themselves to mere observers of the U.S. puppet regime, writing of punditry panache, without daring call for action — seemingly allowing Rumsfeld’s remarks fly over their heads, despite his standing as one of the most powerful people in the world. Hey, the Vietnam-Iraq analogy is apparently comforting the Army.

As a fourth year of occupation begins in Iraq, many are oddly singling out President Bush for his actions — though the fact that he never mentioned the word ‘war’ in his remarks over the weekend is not only beside the point, the only war I’m aware of him declaring involved the invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001. (Listen to today’s NPR report tracking the Path to Iraq).

It should be noted that Donald Rumsfeld has been involved at the highest level of government for over 40 years — shortly after entering Congress in 1963, he spearheaded a coup which led to the appointment of Gerald Ford as House minority leader — and has never loosened his grip on the gauntlet of power.

Our government, and primarily our defense strategies has left our country extremely vulnerable. Just weeks after a near-sale of U.S. ports to the state government of the United Arab Emirates, it comes to light that a $1.2 billion takeover of U.S. plants that make military equipment by another UAE-owned company, Dubai International Capital and Doncasters Group, will be delayed for at least two months from its March 31 closing date, while the deal is under investigation.

Rumsfeld comes from a generation that vehemently warned against the potential staying power of Communist regime’s like China. Now, not only is China among the most powerful nation’s in the world, but the United States owes the red empire a significant portion of its multi-trillion dollar debt, or as the Times UK lovingly put it in a recent headline: “28 Eiffel Towers: Made out of Pure Gold.”

Rumsfeld has been breaching Constitutionally guaranteed checks and balances and endangering national security since the day he was named Secretary of Defense — over five years ago. Now, former Army Major General Paul D. Eaton, Sen. Joe Biden (D-CT) and others are demanding his removal. We’ll never get to “last throes” (not to mention “mission accomplished“) until we throw out the garbage-can rubbishocracy. Three years is three too many.

Spread the word — in the name of homeland security and global welfare — Rumsfeld must go. Sure, it may be too late already, but its certainly not too soon.

World Baseball Classic

courtesy APGreat time Saturday at PETCO Park for the 2 semifinal games of the inaugural World Baseball Classic. The baseball was top-notch and played as if it was the last game of these players’ lives. For those out of the loop, Cuba absolutely owned the Dominican Republic sluggers, making the 3-4 killer combo of Pujols and Big Papi just look ridiculous! Likewise, Japan’s pitchers proved inflappable, shutting out Korea in the nightcap.

It seemed as though the Japan-Korea game would remain scoreless deep into the night, until, who else but Byung-Hyun Kim (yes, the guy who allowed game-tying and winning home runs in one 2001 world series game, followed by the Scott Brosius tying 3-run shot the next night) gave up the first runs of the game, allowing a pinch-hit home run followed by a long double..

Nothing was as exciting, however, as the intensity of Team Korea’s fans — chanting (in Korean) “Republic of Korea” throughout the game banging drums, thundersticks, and even playing trumpets! Apparently, the fans of nearly every country outside the United States brought with them the enthusiasm one might find at a World Cup soccer match much less a lazy game of exhibition baseball.
Was it a surprise that the major-leaguers on these teams were not necessarily the best ballers? There will be very few major-leaguers in Monday night’s Cuba-Japan final. The U.S. team lost to Canada AND Mexico?!? Will the Cuban pitching staff be covertly quarantined in an underground tunnel for protected defection in the 7th inning of Monday night’s final?

Professor Shugart provides the bewildering math behind this insightful diagram at Fruits and Votes:


NYT Researcher to be Freed after 18 months in Chinese Prison

Zhao YanZhao Yan, the New York Times research based in Beijing who was greatly overshadowed by the comparatively brief jail term served by NYT reporter Judith Miller, will be released after 18 months in isolation in a Chinese prison.

The New York Times reports that Zhao has been found not guilty of one charge and may be released within days. Reporters Without Borders:

Zhao, 42, who had been held in custody by state security for 18 months, was facing charges of “divulging state secrets”, an offence punishable by the death penalty, and of “fraud”.

He had been accused of giving the news of the political retirement of Jiang Zemin to his newspaper before it was made known officially. The New York Times has always maintained that the news had not come from Zhao.

“We are absolutely delighted at the announcement of the imminent release of Zhao Yan,” the organisation said. “They have finally accepted the innocence of a brave man who became the scapegoat of a government which scorns investigative journalism”.

Can’t think of a better way to close out Sunshine week — an annual call of attention to current threates to open government — than the news of Zhao’s release. He was awarded for Reporters Without Borders.

The War Against South Park

tom cruise south park
First, Chef jets the set (video), supposedly because he’s insulted by the show’s depiction of religion (namely, HIS religion: Scientology).

Now, it’s on. From AP:

“South Park” has declared war on Scientology. Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of the animated satire, are digging in against the celebrity-endorsed religion after a controversial episode mocking outspoken Scientologist Tom Cruise was yanked abruptly from the schedule Wednesday ? with Internet rumors it was covert warfare by Cruise that led to its departure.

For complete coverage: “Tom Cruise is a Jackass,” “The Power of the Cruise

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, for their part, took one giant step for mankind with this signed statement to Variety:

“So, Scientology, you may have won THIS battle, but the million-year war for earth has just begun! Temporarily anozinizing our episode will NOT stop us from keeping Thetans forever trapped in your pitiful man-bodies. Curses and drat! You have obstructed us for now, but your feeble bid to save humanity will fail! Hail Xenu!!!”

UPDATE: Even the Washington Post is up in arms… L.A. Times is crying “Closetgate!” …we promise to stay on top of this and all other breaking news…