Judith Miller on BBC, eats crow with Blair next?

Bring on the rollerderby. Old girl is definitely bouncing off the ropes and in serious need of a clothesline. Great example of the British media once again out-tooling the Amuricans…

BBC’s newsnight expunges an upheaval of half-truths from the effective expectorant that is Judy Miller. You’ve gotta see her swimmingly lose her dignity and look like a psychobitch in the process.

Watch and writhe by clicking here Miller comes on aroundn 35:00 and the piece runs about 10 minutes. Real player required).

summary – from BBCNews.com:

She said: “I’m deeply sorry our intelligence community got it wrong.

“I am deeply sorry that the President was given a national intelligence estimate which concluded that Saddam Hussein had biological and chemical weapons and a active weapons programme.”