VIDEO: Yahoo Design Expo

Check out another project I did for the San Jose Mercury News this summer — a look at the 2007 Yahoo Design Expo.

In other news, light blogging continues as I aggressively pursue the dream. New opportunities abound now that I’ve returned to Los Angeles. In lieu of blogging, I’m having fun keeping up with my peeps via twitter and Facebook. Join me.

Interview With Wired’s Chris Anderson

My interview with Chris Anderson is finally live on the Mercury News Web site. Check it out here.

I discussed Anderson’s next book — the follow up to The Long Tail — titled “Free” at the Tools of Change conference, shortly after his keynote (see my notes here).

It took so long to produce this thanks to technical difficulties — otherwise known as our main videocamera not functioning. This was meant to be a video podcast with two cameras, and Chris and I were both miked with lavalier mics connected to the main camera. Therefore, the audio is from the onboard mic of a roving camcorder, so it sounds like we’re in a tunnel.

Thanks to David Barreda for “shooting” this.

photo by James Duncan Davidson via flickr.