Twitter Updates for 2008-03-21

  • Listening to long-awaited upcoming record. Surely the only one with the song about Aloyisius. Perfect for this slow-roll down Sunset. #
  • OH: Woooaah, that Bon Iver guy smells reeaally bad…. Or is it YOU? #
  • dreamt that I bought an iPhone. it was weird, bulkier than usual, and I immediately regretted not waiting for the 3G-capable as I will in RL #
  • 3-21 happy birthday @fasonista. thank Good its Friday. #
  • Added @twitgeistr yesterday and it’s very intrsting top 10 words on Twitter each hour. anyone know how long this has been active? #
  • @xina no way! there’s a Latke-Hamantash debate? Reminds me of McCain comparing Purim to Halloween yesterday. w/ Lieberman at his side noless #
  • @chrisbrogan no invite / quick&easy way to become a Buzz publisher, at this point, methinks. Guy was just lucky. #
  • At coral tree cafe brentwood for an evening of power productivity. Hopefully ready for friday funnery later #
  • @ericainSF i got lucky with a seat in the sun too — but I AM working… SF wins big on good:bad cafe ratio. must shoot out the music here. #

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