Don’t Let Him Die Easy

The Moussaoui verdict is a victory not for him, but for justice overall. He was originally alleged to be the 20th terrorist on the 9/11 flight crew, in which case he would have ultimately found his salvation in his sudden death aboard one of the doomed aircraft.

I’ve always thought life in prison to be a far harsher sentence than the death penalty. Either way, guilt will only be absolved with death, but in the case of a life sentence, it will be preceded by years of torturous suffering in isolation. Not that I’m a fan of torture, but to give Moussaoui a death sentence would essentially be releasing him of his guilt.

It must be understood the jihadist culture does not share the same “eye for an eye” sentiment as is understood in most sectors of Judeo-Christian culture.

And now, back to my harrowing final projects or school!

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  1. trying to nail down my last project for school today. simultaneously, exciting things are fast developing in pro project-land. the synergy of the two have consumed me.

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