Rumsfeld to Testify on Iraq

Following intense pressure from legislators after claiming to be “too busy”, Rummy reversed course and has decided that he will testify Thursday morning in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee. (watch online).

Will he remember that he lost the Hamdan case? Will he be under oath? Will he tell the unfunniest jokes ever?

It’s a big day for the DoD as the “virtual pandemic” of corruption in Iraq will be discussed in a review of the SIGIR’s new report.

Any bets that Rumsfeld comes up with a better lie than yesterday’s?:

A civil war? I guess you can decide for yourself. And we can all go to the dictionary and decide what you want to call something. But it seems to me that it is not a classic civil war at this stage. It certainly isn’t like our Civil War.

For the record, HuffPo dilligently checked M-W and found “civil war” defined as: “a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country.”

Portions of Bush Presidential Memoirs Leaked!

Apparently, the decider-in-Chief is “really excited” about collecting not-yet-demolished remnants from his 8-year disaster, also known as a “nightmare of a vacation,” to publish as a memoir. I can’t wait to see the Amazon pitch to “buy this title along with Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef’s: Memoir of a Taliban diplomat held at Guantanamo and SAVE $$!

Letterman’s got the top 10 chapter titles here.

Suspected titles of memoir here.

Not to be missed, these intensely graphic and detailed ruminations on “What I Did on My Vacation From Reality.”

And finally, as if the Letterman top 10 wasn’t enough, I’m happy to host a preview of the best-selling documentary “Bushisms.”

U.S. Radio Goes Global With Yahoo! Widgets

Surprised to find a Radio SAWA widget today, while scrolling through the latest additions to the Yahoo! Widget Engine Gallery (download the Engine / View the Gallery).

Simply load into your widget engine and it will begin streaming… great way to touch up on your Arabic. (Sawa’s Web site: Arabic | English)

Bengali speaker? Try the Bangla Live New Radio widget, which offers BBC Bangla, Voice of America Bangla, Radio Japan Bangla and BBC Asian Network.

Take it even further East with Radio Tuner Singapore and tune into 23 Singapore-based radio stations streaming in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

Plenty more radio ’round-the-world in desktop widget format here.