Triple-Suicide Attack on Shi’ite Mosque in Baghdad

The violence doesn’t seem to be weaning at all in Iraq… AFP: Three suicide bombers, two of them disguised as women, killed at least 69 people and wounded 130 as worshippers left a popular Baghdad Shiite mosque after weekly prayers, in the second major attack on Iraq’s majority community in as many days… In other […]

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Cory Doctorow to Join USC Center on Public Diplomacy

Very exciting news announced this week for those of us involved in the study and facilitation of public diplomacy… From the USC press release: Canadian novelist and technology visionary Cory Doctorow will join the USC Center on Public Diplomacy as a visiting scholar beginning in September, the Canadian Fulbright Commission announced. Doctorow, who edits the […]

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Is the U.S. Planting Iraqi Militants for Capture?

Ever since the U.S. released two dozen Iraqi detainees — many of whom had close ties to Saddam Hussein’s regime — I’ve been keeping an eye out for headlines such as this one, hot off the Reuters wire: The U.S. military said on Thursday that Iraqi forces had captured a former senior intelligence official under […]

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Still Cursed?

Will this opening day handshake with the devil hex the Cubs out of their 98-year championship drought?