Massive multi-player online games baby!

Five grand is on the table, that’s $5,000!!! in a contest to Design an MMOG.

The idea, according to an article in the Washington Post, is to promote democracy with a massive multi-player online game:

a competition to develop a game that promotes international goodwill toward the United States, a kind of Voice of America for the gamer set.

Enter the contest at the USC Center on Public Diplomacy Virtual Worlds web page here. Also, check out their Games and Public Diplomacy blog here.

Prizes of up to 5 grand to create a veritable virtual exchange program extolling democracy and fun? Who’s in?
George W. Bush
ummm… Helloooo?!??? Anyone there????

Congrats White Sox

soxtAs strange as it feels being a die-hard Cubs fan…. here’s to the Sox for bringing a World Series to my hometown for the first time in forever.

They truly play baseball like its meant to be played – unbelievable to see 4 pitchers go the distance in this day and age.

I hope they beat whichever unworthy National League team comes to town.

Keith Olbermann: The Nexus of Politics and Terror

Olbermann’s blog posts the extended transcript of this brilliant piece of journalism.

In a 13 minute segment on his MSNBC program, “Countdown,” Olbermann goes through details of no less than ten specific dates in which a “terror alert” was released by DHS or the White House within days of breaking controversy or bad news from the Iraq front.

Watch it here or below.

U.S. fakes Al-Qaeda Letter

As if it wasn’t obvious enough that it must be a joke, when FoxNews actually posted it as a downloadable .pdf on their website.

On the subject of fakes, MSNBC reports of CNN’s Allison Barber admitting that she drilled President Bush through questions before his Pentagon teleconference briefing (VIDEO – .wmv, QT .mov.

Olbermann on the photo-op (video – .wmv)Could the CIA’s new clandestine spy operation already have revealed a product of their own fraudulence?