White House officials cancel holiday plans

Americablog reports that BREAKING: Bush visit to New Orleans halts food delivery which also features the reemergence of Dick and Condi. In fact, Rummy AND Dick were on hand at the presidents speech today (video) And more interesting tidbits from a week ago that should have sent DHS into serious motion. Condoleeza Ricecut her vacation short as well. Cheney may be getting himself out of a protest-laden oil-related conference set up for next week in Canada, in which he will address such topics as “The Price of Milk in Canada.”

Kanye West goes off – and is censored on the West Coast!

Kanye says “Bush doesn’t care about black people” aside Mike Meyers in this segment on NBC’s Katrina fundraising extravaganza. But they censored him on the later West Coast broadcasts! And he’s the one who just last week called for all rappers to stop criticizing gays.

Nothing wrong with standing up for what’s right, but where are the real voices who can step on what’s wrong and bring more money (read: prospect for change) to the cause?