Radiohead Says: ‘Remix Me’

Flip over a new page in Radiohead’s innovative In Rainbows adventure. Welcome the Radiohead Remix Web site, where anyone and everyone is invited to mashup, remix, and geek out “Nude,” the second single from the album.

It’s not exactly a Creative Commons take me and rape me scenario, like the fully remixable tracks on Nine Inch Nails’ Ghost but it is cool…. even if it involves an elaborate partnership with Apple:

If you purchase all five ‘stems’ from iTunes during the first week they’re available, you’ll be sent an access code to a GarageBand file ready to open in GarageBand or Logic. However, you don’t need GarageBand to do a remix, all the stems are in iTunes Plus format and compatible with several music software platforms.

Fans vote for their favorite remixes but I can’t seem to listen successfully in Firefox. Interesting promotion Radiohead… or is it… Apple?

UPDATE: Lx7 gives further analysis of the restrictive Terms underlying this “contest.” Ouch.

h/t LAT Soundboard

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-31

  • Songza is great! Can’t believe I found one of the songs that I co-wrote years ago there – the Nice Monster ver #
  • cracking up reading Jack Handey’s advance obituary. The man will forever think deeply, even in death, I’m betting. #
  • @whytuesday have fun with Ed Felten. You know that if hes blocked from chking the machines his students MUST be picking up the slack 😛 #
  • Have ideas for alternatives/derivates of the Rick Roll for April Fool’s? Please D msg or @netzoo me #
  • ooh those are both good ones @leh4 and @kthread, thanks. #
  • @laughingsquid AP/ESPN (Disney) are just backwards. To ignore Bush being booed is like not showing soldiers’ coffins. #
  • and thanks for following back @jpostman. I’ve long admired your work and perspective on social media! #
  • rain delay at Wrigley. Even more reason to believe it’s gonna be an historic year – the suspense – always nice to start the year undefeated #
  • @viss @nrek LA G33k D1nner — the BBQ version in either May or June. I’m always happy to host and provide keg + bbq, sunshine and two patios #
  • @nrek (and all other Tweeps) anytime you’re in the area! (plus, I’m just a short walk through the park (Elysian) to Dodger Stadium. Spring! #
  • the temptation to go postal just increased: coworker here in production is forced to record George Michael singing Father Figure on live TV #
  • LA peeps who like punk & weirdos: Jay Reatard & Mika Miko at All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock, 8:30. This will be FUN! #
  • want me to pitch your company / startup / whatever in Australia in late Dec. early Jan? Trying to rationalize this asap: #
  • I’d like to thank the Rookie of the Year to be: Kosuke Fukudome! 3 for 3 w/ game-tying 3-run HR in bottom of the 9th! Go Cubs! #
  • relax @busblog, I’m pretty sure the Cubs lost in extra innings first game of the year in 1908 too. Also to a jacked-up Canadian named Gagne #