Hurricane Rita – Reminding us all to live in the moment

Katrina may have provided a lesson, and if you are in the Keys, I hope you have evacuated. Gulf Coast be ready – its always best to hesitate before proliferating panic…. but then I saw this ever-threatening satellite shot from NASA. Rita is forecast to travel west from the keys and into the Gulf of Mexico, now even more cooking than when Katrina passed through.

Reuters reports that another major storm in the Gulf would devastate U.S. energy and oil supplies.

New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin has wisely declared New Orleans uninhabitable as even a glancing blow from this storm would flood the debilitated city once again.

Hurricane Rita Sept 20

North Korea to ditch ‘nuclear aims’ in exchange for U.S. energy, security

Iran is defending their use of nuclear energy, and North Korea has agreed to scrap their nuclear program in conjunction with China, Japan, and South Korea.

The Far East is keeping this in perspective and the U.S. should follow suit. Iran’s announcement to continue pursuing atomic energy projects appears troublesome. Reuters reports from Beijing that the real work lies ahead.

North Korea’s neighbors, S. Korea and Japan, received the news cautiously Monday.

BBCNews published a timeline of events since N. Korea first publicized its secret nuclear program in October 2002.

Monday’s papers report that the U.S. is pleased with the situation in Iraq despite the fact that over 250 civilians have been killed in suicide terrorist attacks in the past five days.