Congrats White Sox

soxtAs strange as it feels being a die-hard Cubs fan…. here’s to the Sox for bringing a World Series to my hometown for the first time in forever.

They truly play baseball like its meant to be played – unbelievable to see 4 pitchers go the distance in this day and age.

I hope they beat whichever unworthy National League team comes to town.

Keith Olbermann: The Nexus of Politics and Terror

Olbermann’s blog posts the extended transcript of this brilliant piece of journalism.

In a 13 minute segment on his MSNBC program, “Countdown,” Olbermann goes through details of no less than ten specific dates in which a “terror alert” was released by DHS or the White House within days of breaking controversy or bad news from the Iraq front.

Watch it here or below.

U.S. fakes Al-Qaeda Letter

As if it wasn’t obvious enough that it must be a joke, when FoxNews actually posted it as a downloadable .pdf on their website.

On the subject of fakes, MSNBC reports of CNN’s Allison Barber admitting that she drilled President Bush through questions before his Pentagon teleconference briefing (VIDEO – .wmv, QT .mov.

Olbermann on the photo-op (video – .wmv)Could the CIA’s new clandestine spy operation already have revealed a product of their own fraudulence?