Jay-Z’s next move: Buy the Cubs?

jay-z cubs fan hat tribuneNot an entirely hallucinatory thought, — as fun as it was fun to mash up the idea — but on Beyonce’s upcoming single, the Jigga (or is it Shawn Carter now) jumpstarts verse one of “Deja Vu” with this line:

“I used to run base like Juan Pierre”
Juan Pierre Cubs Champs
Since I first heard this track a week or so ago, Pierre has been on a tear (though the Cubs continue dropping ball games like Trib investors are dropping stock)…

OK, so, perhaps this is a completely ridiculous statement, but as a die-hard Cubs fan, any change is a good change as NOTHING has worked out for nearly 100 years! Why not give it up to the almighty Hova?

Dolemite (and his all-girl army)

dolemiteHard to post anything in these “trying” times… But sometimes, a superhero from the past comes around to save the day. Not Superman… it’s Dolemite!

The sountrack to one of the finest blaxploitation films of the 70s has been released at last, and Rudy Ray Moore rides again. Richard Cromelin wrote a great piece in the L.A. Times last weekend, and now here’s the audio to back it up. Never fear kids, time is on our side.

“I may be wrong, you may be right, but you bout to get your ass kicked by Dolemite.”