R.I.P. Rummy – Better Late Than Never


And now we can really interrogate the guy and give him his justice.

also — bring back Shinseki!

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Modest Mouse – Wiltern LA Nov 6, 2006

Support Modest Mouse!: buy their music and see them live!

These killer, live cuts of fair-to-middling sound quality are brought to you by WOOZradio.

(click to listen, right-click or ctrl-click to d/l)

1. Ocean Breathes Salty
2. Black Cadillacs
3. Paper Thin Walls
4. Fire it Up*
5. We’ve Got Everything*
6. The View
7. Float On
8. Bukowski
9. Missed the Boat*
10. The World at Large
11. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
12. People as Places as People*
13. Dashboard*


14. Bury Me With It
15. Invisible*
16. Dramamine

* indicates a new song expected on the upcoming album: “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank”, to be released March 20, 2007.