Wilco Streams Again

wilco sky blue sky album coverNever averse to leaking their music (we all remember the WB/Reprise debacle of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) Wilco is streaming (via Flash player), the upcoming Sky Blue Sky in its entirety until 7PT.

Better than last time they did this, you’re in total control and can listen to whatever songs you want, however many times using the QT-embedded Flash Player.

I’m still digging this record — this is a bit of consolation today as I’m being bombarded by the typical I can’t believe I’m not at SXSW feelings that are normally associated with not being in Austin when the conference takes place while being unable to keep the killer reviews and feedback from hitting the inbox. Anyway, here’s another gem from Sky Blue Sky.

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Known Unknowns of the Week

I’ve written a couple brief posts of note at LAist for those of you looking here for something fresh.

My colleagues in USC’s Free Culture group were given a takedown notice yesterday regarding signs they placed in the university’s so-called “Free Speech Zone” Story and photos are here.

Also, Fox News is lame and so is Scooter Libby.

Finally, I was hipped to a brilliant collection of Dr. Seuss stories as sung by a spot-on Bob Dylan impersonator.

How to Proactively Hate the RIAA

Some way, somehow… EVERYONE is breaching the rules/interests of the RIAA, even if it means listening to a mixtape a friend made for you in 1983. But this recent post submitted to BoingBoing, fully exemplifies how evil they are. After taking nearly $3,500 from a student, they note on the receipt, “looking forward to future business together.” Can you say EVIL???

Here are some productive ways to hate back on the RIAA:

Gizmodo’s March RIAA boycott.

Support Defective by Design, buy t-shirts, stickers.

Shirts & stickers at Downhill Battle (if you run into me, I’ve got a bunch of extra “I took music back and it worked” stickers)

Buy CDs directly from the band at their concerts — perhaps if they’re independent, they benefit most from these transactions and don’t have to give 14 of your 15 bucks to the man.

Donate your original music to the Commons, and take advantage of what’s there — alot of good shit!