Web 2.0 Expo — So Far So Good

Morning keynotes offered a mix of gloom and doom (Zittrain, Andreesen) as well as glimpses of a hopeful future (Yahoo! Openness and Current News)

More to come. Here’s a photo of Erica Ogg and me at the Yahoo! Brickhouse party last night. Good times seeing lots of familiar faces and reminiscing about Annenberg with Erica.

I was also caught in action by Dan Tentler in Mashable’s post about their party at Mighty.

Andy Sternberg and Erica O. at Web 2.0 Yahoo! Brickhouse

photo by Brian Solis


  • @tanjab Sardis DOES have the most extensive karaoke book ive ever seen. and yeah, porn star tuesdays #
  • HRC wins this battle, but shes talready lost the race, no? #
  • Thanks @nicolejordan, also, @rhetor just wrapped an interview for Future Tense aboard @schwaggin wagon. #
  • @dhartman i dont buy into the medias hope that superdelegates will go against pledged ones. Obama still 100+ more regardless #
  • Angered by @mamalogues reports of being misrepresented, possibly defamed, by an irresponsible reporter :-% #
  • If Yes We Can begat HRC?s Yes We Will, how long til OMG Yes We Are SO Gonna Do This. Miley? Also who is NKOTB endorsing? #
  • Chuckling @scobleizer`s uncanny ability to curtail the lifespan of social site onaswarm in one hour of tweeting. Also, driving to work. #
  • Hey @jowyang @w2e would be much easier if hashtag was #w2e no? #8675309 #
  • thinking Hillary is running for VP. Hill-a-ree sounds a lot like O-bama to me. Same with yes we can/will. Neil Strauss can help close deal? #
  • So BOTH Smashing Pumpkins and Janes Addiction in Hollywood today? Guitar Walk roped off. O HAI 1991 #


  • How sweet it is to be a Cubs fan. (Apologies to @jaybushman, @garyvee and the rest of u know who u are). 08! #
  • [utterz] http://tinyurl.com/5hqadp New fathers office w00t!: Omgeeyeah #
  • Has seven grand gone frufru drink? That and the odds that it wont be ~70 and sunny tmrw on the n00z at 11 #
  • Twitter mobile is the new yesterdays news delivered tmrw. 🙁 #
  • wishing the best for the @schwaggin wagon — breaking the Erf Day travel embargo for a good cause! Catch up w/ ya tomorrow nite in SF! #