Google Streetview South Side of Chi

This just gives the wrong impression of the South Side of Chicago — but it’s probably the best laugh I’ve had thanks to Google Maps Streetview. And to think, it’s mere blocks from Sox Park. Courtesy Good Magazine blog.

kitykity Interviews Me at SXSW

Nothing special about this — she regularly interviews people she runs into at convention and events but I figured I’d post it here. I first met Susan last year at the Vloggies Winnies, so I wasn’t surprised to find a camera thrust in my face within minutes of running into her in Austin. She asks about a crazy travel adventure and I tell her about my harrowing decision between taking the bus down the “death road” to the Mapajo Lodge in the middle of the Amazon Forest (Rurrenabaque, Bolivia) or the tiny government plane. Guess what I went with.

Twitter Updates for 2008-03-23

  • photos from the Pillow Fight in LA @ Pershing Square (by @viss): #
  • Dinner and drinks gave me hed hertz. And i still havent been to my seven grand home all month. Lame, I koow, lame i know #
  • spring is def. here w/ automatic sunrise wakeup to woodpeckers and the scent of green florals wafting through the window. work must be done! #
  • @ethank tough q. I know Kaldi is open but it aint no. Costco. maybe Home Depot is open? #
  • Very productive and yummy brunch/brainstorming sesh @chefjoanna?s. Now back to reg sched worldsaving duties. And, Atwater farmers mkt is go #
  • ack, don’t believe the hype, @davewiner, milan ain’t the original dog whisperer… just first to trademark it: #
  • taxes are filed. everything I get back from Federal goes to the state, plus more. Thanks for helping me w/ school payments, Arnie. NOT! #