SXSW Takeaways Part I: Fleet Foxes, The Pigeon Detectives

Picked up on LOTS of good bands, ideas — even concepts — at SXSW. I attended the music conference previously but this was the first year that I was there for an entire week, focused especially on the Interactive conference.

I’m still going through my notes, but I can drop a couple faves off the bat. I went to Filter’s Showdown at Cedar Street on Friday in hopes of checking out The Wombats and Lightspeed Champion but walked away with an earful of The Pigeon Detectives (already big in the UK, natch) — live, they took the whole Hives/Strokes/Art Brut thing to new levels. LA peeps — they’re playing Spaceland tonight (St. Patty’s Day).

In a week filled with encouraging rock and roll, I found myself totally blown away by the gentler sounds of Fleet Foxes from Washington state. Listen below:

LAist Anon Protest Video Gets 10k++ Diggs

Zach shot this at yesterday’s Anonymous protest across from the Church of Scientology on his Flip camera. Immediately after uploading it to YouTube (and before he even posted it to LAist), it was Dugg and is currently on its way to the Top 10 most popular Diggs of the year. The video itself is a testament to right-place/right-time, brevity and the the fact that you can play it straight from Digg. The content kinda gave me chills the first time I saw it. Way to go, Zach! Also gotta give credit to whomever submitted the Digg as the headline (“This is how police SHOULD react to protesters”) is perfect for Digg.


Will probably add a few more to this before all is said and done — but here are the greatest pics from SXSW 2008, Music edition. My photos from interactive are here. Click on individual photos to view captions and please click thru to flickr to add tags, comments and notes!

Today at SXSW

Below is just a sampling of the events I’d like to hit today. Day-shows that might be missed can be caught in the night or perhaps tomorrow. Not listed is the Spaceland/Echo party at Antone’s or the Schuba’s party at Yard Dog Art Gallery, which I’d like to stop by in hope of running into some Chicago peeps. Hoping to find a place with good wifi access so I can get some work done and ALSO stream live video/audio from one of these day parties. Check back here for some live-streaming fun.